Isn't it time college fit your lifestyle?

At Peirce College, we know that pursuing a degree means juggling school, work and life, and that demands on your time can change at a moment's notice. That's why we introduced Peirce FitTM – a life-friendly way to earn your degree. With Peirce Fit, you can decide week-to-week whether to go on campus or online, providing you with the flexibility you need to never miss a class and achieve your goals.

Control how and where you learn

Switch formats based on your schedule

Support of the classroom when you want it

Flexibility of online when you need it

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, all health and graduate program courses as well as select general education courses are offered with Peirce Fit. All other academic programs and courses will convert to Peirce Fit by fall 2016. If you are interested in taking a course with Peirce Fit before the fall, please speak with your Academic Advisor. Intensive courses and 100-level Paralegal courses are excluded from this format.

Peirce Fit provides you with the choice to attend class online or on campus on a week-by-week basis. Each week, you can complete your course work completely online or decide to attend the on campus class meeting. You may switch back and forth throughout the course. These courses offer you the flexibility each week to work in the delivery that suits you best.

No. Peirce Fit supports both the online and on-campus learner and allows you to select between online and on campus classes for the duration of the course. You have the option to select your preferred delivery method on a weekly basis and can choose to only utilize one format throughout the session. Please consult with your Academic Advisor for course registration/scheduling assistance.

As courses become available with the flexibility of Peirce Fit, they will be listed in both the undergraduate and graduate course schedules. The courses code will have an “H” after the course number. For example, ACC101HM3 is an ACC101 flexible course offered in session 3, with on campus class meetings on Monday evenings. More information and additional examples are available in the course schedule. By August 2016, all Peirce courses will be offered in with Peirce Fit. Please consult with your Academic Advisor for course registration/scheduling assistance.

Yes, you will still be able to seek financial funds to cover the cost of your courses at Peirce. If you are eligible for the PA state grant or Distance Education (DE) state grant, beginning in fall 2016, you will be nominated for the DE state grant. Because of this process, there may be a slight delay of funding. Your financial aid Specialist is available at 215.670.9600 to answer any questions.

No, there is no premium for Peirce Fit. The tuition for Peirce Fit is the same as other courses at Peirce. You can find current tuition rates at

Yes. You can utilize both formats in a single week, but you must complete all of the assignments or requirements for at least one of the delivery methods in that week.

Peirce Fit provides unprecedented flexibility as you balance other responsibilities while earning your degree. If you prefer on campus classes, you now have the flexibility to complete your coursework online if an unexpected demand leaves you unable to attend class. If you usually prefer taking classes online, you now have the opportunity for a traditional classroom experience as well.

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